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Private Investments

Venamax Capital Limited provides global investment opportunities that offer security, stability and impressive financial performance. Our service to investors is based on three main principles: guarantee, stability and no risk.

Our clients are serious investors and they aren't interested in gambling with their cash funds, and would rather deal with a reliable and profitable investment of their investments, instead of a bank with low interest. We ensure that your investments will generate earnings stable and risk free, and cash funds moves accurately and securely anytime, anywhere.  

We do not promise unrealistic profits. Our experience is the foundation on which security and growth of your cash funds is assured. We provide you reliability and stability of income, which is exactly what you receive when you invest cash funds with us.  

We concentrate cash funds on the accounts of our company in the TOP-100 world banks. After collecting a certain pool (investment portfolio) these cash funds we use to finance a trading and/or innovative programs that provide the highest return. Professional analysts of our company continuously monitor the situation in the world financial economy and select the most promising areas. Thereby we ensure timeliness payments of % and reliability return of investment funds.

We provide for all investors (Personal or Corporation) the opportunities to invest their cash funds in carefully configured and high interest investment periods below:


To the moment of signing Investment Agreement the Client confirm:
♦ He/she of sound mind, at least 18 years of age and with full legal competence, if a private person. If not a private person:
- The Client is an organization duly incorporated and competent under the applicable legislation;
- The person executing Investment Agreement shall be duly authorized by the organization to perform the same.
 Investments funds are good, clean, non-criminal origin, unencumbered without and are from a legal source;
 The Client declares that he/she are not a member, agent, informant, or employee of or in any other way related to any investigative, law enforcement, media or governmental agencies of any country.  

To accept Customer we should receive documents below:
♦ Application; 
Copy of Passport / ID card;
♦ Bank
 Account Statement.  

                               Personal Application                               Corporate Application    

1. Customer sends us the documents above.
2. We verify the Customer's documents to accept. 
3. After accept, we with Client sign a Investment Agreement. 
4. Client makes transfer investment funds by money transfer system to our company bank account. 
5. We provide safety, high and stable incomes for Client's investment funds.

NOTE: We do not provide any information and agreements without receipt and verification of documents of the Customer. Please, save our and Your time. 



♦ We accept payment to our company's bank accounts only by money transfer systems - SWIFT (for all currencies) or SEPA (for EUR). We not accept other methods of payment. 

♦ We accept the following currencies: USD / HKD / CNY / EUR / GBP / CHF. 

♦ Check carefully the commission charged for the transfer. Your bank may not notify you of additional commissions incurred though use of a correspondent bank.

♦ We reserves the right to reject a payment from you if you have not provided us with your signed Application / Agreement and a copy of your Passport / ID card, if the purpose of payment does not correspond with the Invoice / Payment Details or if the cash funds have been transferred on behalf of a third party. In these cases, we will be forced to return this cash funds to the bank account from which they were transferred. All costs incurred will be at the expense of the client.