Venamax Capital Limited
Business Services

43 San Fung Ave, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong





Venamax Capital Limited specializes in business services and provides its to clients various strategic solutions widely used in international transactions. Having a good understanding of our clients’ needs, we offer various innovative financial solutions and services.  

We use the best practices to solve problems of our clients who wish to receive:

♦ Consulting with best solutions for business tasks;

♦ Financial Solutions to finance international trade transactions etc.;

♦ Direct supplying of goods from manufacturers / suppliers of China;

♦ Financing commercial investment projects etc.;

♦ High and stable incomes for private investments.  

We achieve the best results using our direct relationships with institutional investors and funds worldwide and guarantee highly professional and qualitative services for our clients.  

We also adhere to the principles of complete mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure of the information received by the parties and provide each client completely individual approach to the decision of its tasks.                           


“It doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong. The only important thing is how much money you make when you're right and how much money you lose when you're wrong.”

George Soros